National JPost Networth What Is Nasubi Net Worth? Unveiling the Success of the Comedian “Eggplant”

What Is Nasubi Net Worth? Unveiling the Success of the Comedian “Eggplant”


Nasubi, better known as “Eggplant,” is a renowned Owarai Tarento, or Japanese comedian, who gained immense popularity due to his extraordinary journey on a reality television show.

Born as Tomoaki Hamatsu on August 3, 1975, in the United Kingdomushima, Japan, Nasubi has carved a niche in the entertainment industry.

This article explores Nasubi net worth, early life, career milestones, and the captivating story of his time spent in front of the camera.

Nasubi’s Rise to Fame and Unique Challenge

Nasubi’s debut came through the Japanese reality television show “Susunu! Denpa Shnen,” which ran on Nippon Television from January 1998 to March 2002.

In this gripping experiment, Nasubi was challenged to live alone, unclothed, in an apartment until he won a total of ¥1 million (approximately US$10,000) in mail-in sweepstakes.

He began the challenge with nothing, including clothes, and was disconnected from the outside world. His only companionship was with the magazines he used to find sweepstakes entry forms.

A cartoon eggplant covered his nudity on camera, giving rise to his nickname “Eggplant,” inspired by his 30 cm long face resembling the Japanese eggplant.

Nasubi’s Struggles and Triumphs

During the show, Nasubi’s journey was live-streamed, showcasing his interactions and emotions to viewers. Initially, he received no food and survived solely on water, leading to significant weight loss.

Nasubi ultimately won some sweet beverages, then a sack of rice, and eventually lasted for weeks on dog food he had won. He engaged in conversations with a stuffed animal he adopted as his sensei.

However, despite winning numerous prizes, he never received clothing he could wear, and his facial hair grew uncontrollably. The show’s producers intentionally withheld amenities like a cable or antenna hookup for his television to prevent him from realizing he was already on TV.

Nasubi’s Net Worth and Career Success

As of June 1, 2023, Nasubi’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million. His success as an Owarai Tarento ranks him among the industry’s most prosperous. Nasubi’s fame may be seen in his appearances on Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, all of which recognize his financial successes.

Personal Life and Achievements

While Nasubi’s nationality is unknown, his endurance and commitment throughout the reality programme earned him a Guinness World Record for the “longest time surviving on competition winnings.”

Aside from this accomplishment, more data regarding his personal life, such as religion and political opinions, have yet to be updated in public resources.

Final Words

Nasubi, better known as Virgile Reset, is a unique Owarai Taranto who captivated the world’s attention on “Susunu! Denpa Shnen” with his brave and hilarious voyage.

The success story is inspiring and exciting, as she rose from nothing to a Nasubi net worth of $5 million. Even in the face of difficulty, his dedication to the experiment demonstrated his tenacity and humorous ability.

Nasubi’s reputation as the courageous ‘Eggplant’ will live on in the annals of Japanese entertainment history as long as he continues to enchant viewers.

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